Freaky bike music video from Bat For Lashes

Have you guys seen this video? It’s like Björk, Goldfrapp, and Donnie Darko all got together and decided to do something fun for Halloween. Good job to the bikers, and Happy Halloween coming up to all.

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San Francisco’s Bikepocalypse, this Weekend!

Hide yo wife! Hide yo kids! There are so many bicycle events in our fair city this weekend, it would seem that the San Francisco Bikepocalypse is upon us! We’ve done our research and recommend the best three events, after the jump:


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Pro-bike music viddy from the lady MC Breezee One

This video almost makes us want to move to Detroit. The dance move at 3:15 is that good! Big ups to my girl Kayla (@ridicurousness) for the share!

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Dumpster Dive Interior Design? or, Creating a Pendant Light with Found Items and $6.40

Well….we didn’t really dumpster dive (this time).

We had been scouring the pages of the Ikea, West Elm and CB2 catalogues in order to find the perfect pendant light to shed some light on our wall-mounted mini-desk.

Click through for after pictures and assembly details!

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Car-Free Camping on Angel Island

After reading the inspiring Post-Car Adventuring Bay Area travel book, we wanted to do one of the adventures outlined in the book.  All of the adventures outlined in the book are very well researched and informative, and we highly recommend that you buy it here. We were so excited to try out one of the trips, but when we got online to reserve a site at Mt. Diablo, we found out that it was entirely booked. In frustration, we ran a search for “Bay Area Camp Sites”, where we found that there were actually campsites available on Angel Island! We booked and started searching for tents on craigslist (we’d only ever gone camping before with more experienced friends). Getting to the island was surprisingly easy – directions and cost breakdown after the jump!

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Car-Free News Roundup 2011.07.28

  • Even Houston is getting on the car-free bandwagon, asking their citizens to go car-free (or at least car pool) in August [Transportation Nation]
  • “The car remains king, but the crown is slipping”: a review of road diets in the Bay Area [Mercury News]
  • Why can’t we have European pedestrian style streets in North America? [On the Commons]
  • Baltimoreans agree that new options are enabling car-free living [The Baltimore Sun]


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5 Ways Smart Phones Have Enabled Car-Free Living

Even just 2 or 3 years ago,  car-free living wouldn’t have been possible for us.

Transit travel presented extreme inefficiencies in the pre-iPhone era. Physical transit schedules got lost easily and were quickly out-of-date. We could only ascertain when we would arrive at a given destination through prior experience. If travelling by bike, what appeared to be the shortest biking distance between two points ended up having steep hills and no shoulder. How limiting and frustrating! No “serious” people, with “serious” jobs could afford to devote so much time to figuring out transportation this way.

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Car-Free News Roundup 2011.07.13

  • A study analyzes the correlation between Walk Score, urban density, and household income [Xing Columbus]
  • LA’s impending “Carmageddon” is no big deal if you’re already car-free [Marketplace]
  • A product combining our two great loves: wine and bicycles [Seattle PI]
  • Heart-warming video about the impact of our everyday choices. We ride with Sophie – will you? [Cascade Bicycle Club]
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Moving by Bike

Everybody hates moving, and moving might be one of the most daunting things about a car-free lifestyle. Many people would think it actually impossible to move without a motorized vehicle of some sort.

One of the first true challenges we faced as a car-free couple was a move. We had just taken a two-month honeymoon in Asia, and to save money we had sublet our apartment, moving all of our personal effects into a storage unit. As one of our last acts as a “car couple”, we had moved our belongings into the storage unit by car. We might’ve been tempted to rent a car to move our stuff back to our apartment upon our return, but we had read an incredible story in Carbusters about a guy in Louisville who moved an entire house by bike. Inspired, we decided we could do our own small move by bike. The move was even more successful than we had imagined.  We do a side-by-side comparison of the experiences, after the jump…

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Car Free Couple Manifesto

Want to lose weight? Save money? Reduce environmental impact? Increase interaction with your community? Promote social justice? You don’t have to buy the latest gadget on late night TV… all you have to do is get out of the car and go!

When we moved from the midwest to the bay area, we quickly realized that maintaining our car-dependent lifestyle was neither necessary nor feasible. As we began the process of “de-stuffing” our lives, it became apparent that we were freeing up time, money and space for personal relationships, hobbies, travel, education, and relaxation.

Our goal is to demystify the car-free lifestyle and encourage others in their pursuit of a more sustainable mode of transportation! We look forward to reading your comments.

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