Dumpster Dive Interior Design? or, Creating a Pendant Light with Found Items and $6.40

Well….we didn’t really dumpster dive (this time).

We had been scouring the pages of the Ikea, West Elm and CB2 catalogues in order to find the perfect pendant light to shed some light on our wall-mounted mini-desk.

Click through for after pictures and assembly details!

While I was day-dreaming about all sorts of expensive pendant lighting, I spied a half globe in our apartment’s “take one, leave one” area:

After hoarding the half-globe in our apartment for a couple of weeks, we finally walked to the hardware store and took public transit to Ikea to get the requisite materials for our project: a Hemma cord set from Ikea ($3.99), Wall Dog 1-1/4″ screws ($1.62 for 5- with built in anchor for our crappy dry wall), and Gardner Bender 1/4″ cable clamps ($.69 for 5- fits the Hemma cord perfectly). Total cost? $6.30.

A couple of sidenotes on form: we straightened the Hemma cord by passing it through boiling water. We ran the cord through the top of the globe by cutting through the Arctic Circle, and repatched it with clear tape.

So easy, cheap, and way more unique than some mid-century modern George Nelson bubble lamp! No driving required :)

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