Moving by Bike

Everybody hates moving, and moving might be one of the most daunting things about a car-free lifestyle. Many people would think it actually impossible to move without a motorized vehicle of some sort.

One of the first true challenges we faced as a car-free couple was a move. We had just taken a two-month honeymoon in Asia, and to save money we had sublet our apartment, moving all of our personal effects into a storage unit. As one of our last acts as a “car couple”, we had moved our belongings into the storage unit by car. We might’ve been tempted to rent a car to move our stuff back to our apartment upon our return, but we had read an incredible story in Carbusters about a guy in Louisville who moved an entire house by bike. Inspired, we decided we could do our own small move by bike. The move was even more successful than we had imagined.  We do a side-by-side comparison of the experiences, after the jump…

Car Move Bike Move
Cost: $120 in parking tickets, $5 in gas $20 for 2 hour bike trailer rental from the Berkeley Bike Station
Time: 4 hours (had to haul everything into the car, haul it back out, made several trips for each car load) 2 hours (could back the bike trailer up to storage unit, and take the bike trailer directly into the apartment to offload)
Frustration level: High. Got several parking tickets while trying to park closer to the apartment to more efficiently on/offload. Moderate. Was able to enjoy the nice air and sunshine while moving, no worries of parking tickets or parking time limits.
Exercise: Some; mostly felt in the lower back. Had to haul everything to/from trunk of car. Moderate. The storage unit was one mile away from our apartment, and we made the round trip 4 times (8 miles total), while hauling approximately 25 pounds of gear each time.

Moving by bike seems to be a growing phenomenon, and is quite feasible in a compact area like Berkeley. Would you consider moving by bike??

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2 Responses to Moving by Bike

  1. debbie says:

    This is awesome and truly inspiring. Love the comparison chart too!

  2. Julien says:

    Hi Madeline and Eric, congratulations for your bike move! How is going your car-free life?

    I wanted to share some tips for you and your visitors, since I’m doing bike moves for a living since a couple of years. Here’s the how to I just wrote:

    Please let me know if you have comments to improve it.

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